Roseland United Methodist Church
Wednesday, April 01, 2020
Making God's Love Real

Roseland Prayer Warriors

To add a name to our prayer list, please contact the church office at or by calling 772-589-3035. 

 Please keep in your prayers this week:

Judy A, AJ & family, John Allison, David Barton, Shirley Barto, Meryl Baumann, Dave Beayon,  Thelma Bernhardt, Clayton Blevins, Jack Brady, Arlene Brown, Jo Ann Buckles, Clarelle, Arthur Clawson, Lindsay, Brian & Maggie Cosner, Dennis Donahue, Brandy Douberley, Barb Eddy, Evan, Glenn Gorden, Jack Grassmeyer, Anne Greene & family, Glenn Gorden, Wayne Hall & family, Judy & Tom Hart, Debbie Harvey, Stephanie Herrera & family, Darlene Hillier & family, Holly & Orlando, Heidi Immer-Wirz, Rev Gary Isner, Debbie & Ryan Kirkman, Nancy Lauderback, Eric Martin, Luke Matthew, Paxton McGuire,  Jan Mihelek, Milan family, Tony Mongoli, Pam, John Patrick, Pickett family, Caitlin Rednour, Tilly Rednour, Kristen Robertson, Debbie Roca, Jennifer Rush, Kathy & Bob Sarafino, Sandy Sherry, Eliana Smith, Ginny Smith,  Thelma Tice, Marjorie Wehman


Special prayers for our nation’s leaders, health care & hospital staff, scientists and first responders who are on the front lines fighting the war with COVID-19. 

Prayers for Pastor Linda, our church and staff, the preschool, the homeless, and America’s Armed Forces.