Roseland United Methodist Church
Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Making God's Love Real
 Roseland United Methodist Church 

College Scholarship Program

 The purpose of the Roseland Church Scholarship Fund is to provide financial assistance to members of our congregation who wish to attend an institution of higher education. Deadline to apply is May 2, 2021.  There are four competed items to return:

1.     Your application
2.     Your volunteer hours from the past year
3.     School Transcripts
4.     Type written essay questions

Down Scholarship Application packet here

 All candidates must meet the following criteria to be considered for a scholarship by the scholarship committee:

 1.        Be a full member of Roseland United Methodist Church for at least one year.


 2.       You are currently enrolled or been accepted to an institution of higher education. 


 3.        Have a grade point average of at least 2.75 on a 4.0 scale.


4.        Be an active participant in Sunday morning worship (two or more times per month).  If you are not living in the area, parents or grandparents may attend for their student. 

5.        A total of twenty hours of church volunteer service (must benefit our church and the ministries it supports).  If a student is away at college and not living locally, a parent or grandparent may volunteer up to 15 hours in place of the student.   If a student is a high school senior or is attending a local college or university, all volunteer hours must be done by that student.  

 6.          See the back of the Volunteer Service form for suggestions of volunteer opportunities.                          


 Other guidelines to be considered:

·      Participating in summer camp or youth group fundraisers, attending summer camp, youth group or a youth mission trip is not considered volunteer service to the church. 


 ·       If a parent or grandparent is a member of a committee board, he or she must be an active participant who attends meetings regularly. 


 ·       If there are multiple scholarship students in a family, parent hours cannot be duplicated on each student’s volunteer form. 



·       All volunteer hours will need to be completed by the scholarship application deadline. 


 ·       It will be the student’s responsibility to maintain a list of volunteer service to the church with supervisor’s signatures and submit it with their scholarship application.



Graduates entering the U.S. Military: The scholarship committee of Roseland United Methodist Church has created a new policy to honor our students who have made the choice to enter into our nation’s military service.  If a student is a full time member of our church, has served at least 20 church community service hours in the last year and attends worship services on a regular basis we will award that student with a one time “New Journey” grant.  A minimum grade point average is not a requirement for students applying for New Journey grants.